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  • Learn How To Effectively Minister To People Trapped In Bondage

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classes for your staff and ministers

God’s Army Ministries, Inc. directed by ordained ministers Steven and Barbara Coleman is a unique, innovative and provocative inner healing and deliverance ministry.  Love is what fuels its success being accepted across all denominational lines from coast to coast and abroad.  After many years since 1981 of following the Lords leading in the study of numerous   different ministries, they have become one of the best kept secrets of freedom to tormented souls.  God’s Army was created in the year 2000, and they have been in full time ministry since 2001.     

Most all of their clients are referrals which keep them very busy.  This has lead Steven to realize the necessity of developing training workshops to increase the Army of workers in the Kingdom of our Lord in this area of ministry. 

Workshops demonstrate the practicality of this proven type and  method of powerful ministry.  They include bible teaching on the subject, prayer, and live ministry with two volunteers over a four day period, usually starting Thursday evening and carrying on through Sunday, but can be flexible to your Church or Ministry Group needs.   

The hosting organization is responsible for travel expenses for Steven and Barbara, plus living accommodations.  There are no other charges.  The required group size is 25 or more and they are willing to come for what ever love offerings the Lord moves the people in attendance to give.  They are a 501c non-profit organization and all offerings are tax deductible.    

Everyone in attendance to the workshops must fill out a “Personal Inventory Worksheet”.  It is for training purposes only, and will not be viewed by anyone.  Only the two volunteers who will be working live with Steven, must have their worksheets sent in to the ministry 3 weeks before the workshop/conference begins.  We strongly recommend reading “Liberating The Bruised” by Dr. Joe E. Allbright.  Copies of the book are available on this site at:

 If you are ready to embark on an experience that can change lives and free the potential of God’s children for the Kingdom of Heaven then call Steven today to discuss at 281-499-4166 or email him at Godsarmy1@comcast.net.  Let us do a work together!