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The following are testimonials of our clients whose lives have been so dramatically changed that they have agreed to tell everyone!  God's Army Ministries is very protective of the privacy of our counselees, and would never betray their trust by exposing personal information.  Because truth, and integrity is of the utmost importance, you can communicate with any of the liberated by going here and sending the form. We will put you in contact with the real person either by email or phone.


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 File #:101     

This letter is to let you know the results of the counseling session that we had about three months ago.  As you know I had been under the influence of several powers in my life that had completely brought me to the point of feeling like a total failure.  I had the ability to self-destruct every time there was a possibility of real success in my life and I felt that I did not have the right to inner peace because of the sins of my past.
As we traced the origins of those controlling spirits in my life and, through the power of Christ released me from the power they held me, a change has occurred that I can hardly believe. I seem like a different person since the session with you.

Where there was always a sense of fear and inferiority before, there is now an inner peace that is so deep I have a hard time trying to explain it.   Instead of the guilt of the things I had done in the past always accusing and tearing at my mind, I am filled with an assurance that those things are truly forgiven.  The control that the old habits seemed to have had on my thoughts is gone and it seems like I have an inner spiritual growth and maturity that was only a dream before that session.

It is so restful to wake every morning with a song of praise in my mind.  As I drive or go about the duties of the day I break into praise without even knowing its happening.  I seem to have a new ability to succeed at things I had never been able to complete before.

I am not saying that everything is perfect now, but the growth Iím experiencing in so many areas of my life is so marked that I can only wonder why the demons of my past were allowed to live so long.  Then I realize that the work that you do to bring deliverance to people was a new concept to me until just before our session.  The reality of deliverance had been considered an unattainable myth in my thinking. 
would be glad to share my experience with anyone that may have a doubt about the validity of the changes that I have experienced.  In fact I seem to not be able to keep quiet about them.  I think that, perhaps, it is a part of the growth to share what God has done for me with those that need help. You know the details of my struggle and should there ever be a need for someone to receive that story as a means to help them believe that there is hope, please feel free to contact me.  I will be glad to give whatever encouragement I can, and share the reality of my deliverance with them.
I want to thank you for allowing yourself to be the one that God chose to use to touch my life and praise Him for using you.

Thank you again.

File #:102     

In a time where it's difficult to trust anyone with your issues, Steve and Jean have been a safe haven.  They have demonstrated the utmost integrity, amazing and contagious faith, wisdom and true compassion/love.  I appreciate their humility and gentleness.  They have helped me where others could not.  I was continually comforted by the fact that they continued to not give up on me giving me hope that there is an end to the torment that was in my mind.  I was sexually abused at home and at school for 10 years.  My childhood is pretty much a blank by the grace of God.  When I married, depression and intimacy issues hit, much of it was manifested by a maraud of health issues, and I turned to God and hung on for dear life.   The memories of abuse didn't surface till after I had my first child.  My mind was filled with anxiety and fear.  I cried a lot.  This went on for years & I kept clinging to God the best I knew how.  I went to deliverance ministries that helped some but I had a huge breakthroughs going to the Colemans.

A True Miracle

File #:103     

Hello Mr. Coleman,
I am very delighted to say that after that session with you I am doing much better. My mind is not racing with many thoughts and it feels clear. My sleep at night is very peaceful and I don't wake up at night feeling disturbed. On top of all of that, an area which I was struggling with badly is now not even much of a struggle. I don't find the urge or even temptation to look at lustful pictures and my mind does not wonder and think of thoughts like that. As I read the bible I can once again hear God speaking to me which became very difficult before the session. This is a miracle. I feel as though I am a new person. I thank God for your ministry and pray that he continues to bless it. Thank you for your sacrifice of time and patience in our session. May God bless you for your obedience to him.

A Miracle

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File #:104 

I Experienced Godís Healing and the Power of Deliverance
ByTina Tsai
(Translated by Rev. Dr. Sen-Yuan Su  2005)

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to share my spiritual journey with you.  I encountered spiritual warfare , oppression, and bondage  from an ďEvil SpiritĒ. Without a doubt, even children of God could encounter attacks from the evil one. But, thanks be to God, we can be healed and enjoy real freedom by the power of the Holy Spirit so as to serve Him and glorify His name!

I was born in a non-Christian family. In my childhood, I used to worship gods and my ancestors during new year days and certain religious festival occasions. We had to worship ancestors memorial plates by way of burning incense and changing water on the table.

While I was a child, my mother got Ovarian Cancer and had to go to hospital in Taipei and Shin ĖChu City receiving treatments. At that time, my sister was in middle school. She Had to go to Taipei and Shin-Chu City to take care of my mother. They both were away from me. At my age of 8, my mother passed away after two years of intensive treatments. Since then, my sister had to take care of my brother and me. We both deeply appreciate what she had done for us while we were young.. 

Since my childhood, I had been afraid of darkness, fear of ghosts, scared to be alone, and afraid to speech in public. I rarely participated in social activities. Also, I didnít contact relatives often. I was a quiet person. While seeking to be accepted by good schools, I chose a long and lonely life along with stress. Very often, I felt emptiness, having a sense of inferiority and need to depend on others. At times, I envied kids those who have parents nearby. However, Praise the Lord! God prepared my elder sister to look after me. 

After I got married, I received care from my mother-in-law and from my husband, but somehow I found that I couldnít handle kids and domestic stuff very well. My life was still full of emptiness, fear, inferiority, loneliness, speechlessness, dependency, and without joy. 

In 1983, my husband and I were baptized and converted to Christ. My husband was actively involved in Bible study , church meetings, and serving the Lord. He prayed for patients and staff  in his clinic often. In addition, he preached the gospel, involved in visitation ministry. Additionally, he invited friends to join evangelical meetings occasionally. Hosting cell group gatherings and guest speakers in our home is as part of our life. Even so, I was still suffering from being emotionally depressed, sleeping disorder, and oppression in my chest. My situation was getting worse. I even went to see heart doctor receiving further tests. Still, there was no clue for what ailed me at all.  

For years, my husband had been asking pastors, preachers, brothers, and sisters to pray for me. Besides, I also attended many anointed conferences including deliverance meetings. Again, there were no lasting positive results for their efforts. I was still suffering from depression, easily irritated, making complaints, losing interests for routine activities. I had no energy all day long. My life had no focus. My thinking process was slowing down. I even didnít know how to cope with lifeís difficulties and issues. I had a sense of inferiority, and got caught in self-condemnation. I was losing confidence to face the future. My memory were getting poor, forgetting, having concentration problem, and experiencing tiredness often..  My will was weak to handle daily business.  Moreover, I was losing interest for life activities, reluctant to talk and didnít even think about doing things. My mood was controlled by weather and seasons changes. I was annoyed by that and sometimes I just couldnít handle my emotions, and started to argue with my husband. I spent countless energy and experienced numerous pain. My life seemed to come to the end. No hope at all.   

Thanks be to God! On 1/29 last year, God was sending brother Coleman to heal and deliver me. He counseled with my husband and me patiently and tenderly with the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. I was crying all day long that day. I was strongly aware that God healed me from my long term broken- hearted situation, such as receiving no Adequate motherhood love in childhood, feeling  rejected and abandoned when mother died, the ďSpirit of DeathĒ came to me shifting from my deceased mother. I felt totally released that day.. My energy recovered. Everything was new and fresh to me.

God revealed His divine healing and the power of deliverance in me within a day. Since then, my husband saw me as a new wife, my sons saw me as their new mother. My friends saw me as a new person. God is really my most precious treasure in life! I am upset no more. Instead, I sleep well, the oppression in chest was gone, and I have a clear mind. I am able to responded to life issues quickly. I found it easier to handle life stresses. The days of emptiness, loneliness, and sense of inferiority were all gone. My wounded emotions from my past have no control over me. Now I praise, and worship God daily. Meanwhile, I repent before God asking for His mercy and salvation so as to establish intimate relationship with Him. I learned how to keep Godís word and promise in me.

Those who trust I the Lord will be winners in life. Brothers and sisters, we all can become the most beautiful, shinning, and outstanding people. Thank You Jesus, the only loving God. For Yours is the  praises, glory, honor, and power.   A-men! 
(This testimony was edited for space. To read the complete version go to Tina's Testimony)

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File #:105 
(The following testimony is an email sent by a person who was told by one of her church leaders that a "Christian" can not have demons.  The name has been changed for her privacy).

It took me awhile to study and actually believe what had been happening in my life. Possession is something that was out of the way I am use to thinking. And though I have a different meaning of it, a Christian can't be "owned" by Satan, I do recognize that demons can dwell within a Christian and I had one inside of myself. Self-liberation was a big step and then I had the best night sleep because I believed in God's word, and like never before, they never have come back.! If it is God's will to strengthen me, they might be back, but now I know how to deal with them and I am very thankful. I am getting off my antidepressants now and will be completely off of them in 4 weeks, and as far as a chemical balance is concerned, it was definitely part of it, but not all of it.

My music is still a big part of my life, but it is not the major thing in my life anymore. I have gotten myself into a ministry called "Campus Christians" and now I am evangelizing, memorizing scripture, building up believers, and growing in Christ and it has just been so fulfilling. More then ever I am Christ-Controlled and it is really awesome. I am just so thankful that I have gotten to learn and grow so much.

God is so great and merciful, and He shed grace on me even in my unbelief. God's will is perfect though, and now I see it was just all part of His ultimate plan!
God bless,
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File #:106 

I wasnít sure what to expect upon arrival; but it soon became apparent that the love of God flows like a mighty rushing river throughout Steven and Barbaraís lives; and throughout this ministry.

From the moment I set foot in the door I encountered Godís love in a way like never before - a sincere and genuine love. The healing I found here is so amazing. I was so jacked up in life; I thought surely I was beyond repair. I had very little hope left. The enemy always seemed to know just what buttons to push to keep me discouraged, down trodden; doubting myself and doubting who I am in Christ.

There is no possible way to fully describe what all God has done for me by allowing me to receive from this ministry. The prayer and guidance I received has brought me further out of that old mindset of negative thinking then I have ever been. For the first time ever I feel I have a foot hold and that I am actually gaining ground.

For all eternity I will be grateful to God, to Steven, and to Barbara for all they have done for me.

With Heart Felt Love,
Rikki Andrews

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File #:107 

Hi Steven - here is my testimony. I signed it as S. because I'd like to keep it anonymous.


My testimony:

Basically, meeting with the Colemans was like having psychotherapy with the Holy Spirit...Which is what happened. God met me where I was and used Mr. Coleman as part of the process.

I'm trying to think of where I should begin...so I'll start with the horrible depression I went through from September 2012 to early January 2013. It was the worst spiritual attack I've ever gone through and I was plagued almost constantly with fear, doubt and unbelief...the only relief I would get was when my mom would pray for me. Sometimes she would call me the next day after a horrible night of me struggling with the anxiety and she would tell me God woke her up in the middle of the night to pray warfare prayers for me. The thoughts went something like this. Youíre too stupid to get another job, you need to give up on your dreams, you will never get married because you are emotionally unstable, you are going to lead a boring life as an old cat lady. Kind of funny now that I think about it but not so funny when I was only sleeping 3 hours a night if that.  

SO, I had already joined a Celebrate Recovery group in September b/c I felt God was leading me to healing. The more I went the blacker life became. Everyone in my group could "feel" it on me so to speak. I was barely getting out of bed, not really fixing myself up for work, and sleeping when I got home. My friends didn't know what to do. I couldnít do simple activities because I was so agitated and had so many negative thoughts. In fact, I couldnít really do much and everything was overwhelming me. I struggled with the thought that I should get on medication but something in me kept thinking that wasn't the problem. Eventually, I went to Houston to visit a friend and while I was there I had a dream that this woman in my recovery group was praying for me.  The dream was very vivid and she was praying in a group and had her hand on my mind. She was rebuking something and every time she would do that I would float out of my mind and feel so much peace. I kept trying to communicate to her that it was working and then I woke up but felt some relief. I wanted to ask her if she prayed for me that Friday night and two weeks later as I was telling my small group what happened, right then she walked up though she wasnít a part of our Wednesday night group! They told me "tell her!" and I asked her if she had prayed for me two Friday nights ago and she said yes I did. I told her what happened and she confirmed that what I saw was accurate. She said the devil had been keeping me tied up in knots for a LONG time but that God was going to use it for something great. At this point, I knew something was definitely happening and it wasn't meds that I needed.

After this, someone I knew committed suicide. That night all the fears came back with a vengeance as I kept watching Facebook and seeing the pain this action had caused. It made no sense and it sent my mind in a whirlwind. At 11 I got a text from a pastor I know and she said she was praying for me and to come to church the next day. I did with the full intent that I was going to get her to pray over me after the service to rid myself of the fear. During her preaching she said anyone here struggling with fear and anxiety it isn't medical God wants you to know it's spiritual and I want you to stay after church to be prayed for. I stayed and she prayed yet it still was there. At that point a thought kept nudging at me that I needed to seek out a deliverance ministry. Coincidently, one of the women in my small group went to one in Houston that other people she knew had gone to. She told me the whole time she was there I was on her heart.

The week before she had gone I had a very vivid dream that there were two of me and I was starring myself down basically and the other me looked tormented, hateful, and fearful. When I talked the woman in my group after her experience she confirmed that what I saw was a flipside/double mindedness like the verse in the bible. This double mindedness was allowing the enemy to torment me through ancestral curses demons etc. I made an appointment and wasn't able to go until Jan 15th. The longer I waited the worse it got. When I finally got there God met me and led me to freedom. It was amazing and through it I realized that I was dealing with ancestral demons of fear, depression, injustice, anxiety, insanity, pride, witchcraft etc....but they had deceived me into thinking that I was a fear based depressed person who didnít stand a chance in the world. I realized this was not who God made me and that all the worry was me actually sinning against him.

Words don't do this justice. So many people were fasting and praying for me during this.  I had asked God prior in one of the darkest moments to do a major work in me and give me a new heart and new mind. Mr. Coleman also told me my problem was also a demonic mindset..i.e., fear, dread, worry, low self esteem, not believing who God made me to be. I told him that I felt like God was keeping the desires of my heart away from me as punishment and he asked "Do you even know who God is" That is a cruel god you serve...to put a desire in your heart, gift you in an area, and never let you do anything with it.

After two days of praying and counseling I came back home and realized I had changed.  What I noticed was how stable the whole process was. I had told Mr. Coleman that this wasn't what I expected and he raised his eyebrow and said "you expected something more theatrical." Honestly, I had and I was pleased at how God worked instead. Deliverance is NOT Hollywood's version...it is freedom through Christ and truth. The word demon conjures up so many horrific images in most people's mind but after this process I realized that is giving it way too much power. God is in charge and he wants us free and abundant...we make the choice through sin to allow this junk into our lives...and that is the only power it has...what we give it with our own God given gift of free will.

It's so easy for me to praise the Lord now and to believe who He says He is and also who He says I am.


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